"Wadda wanna know?"

Chris Baxley is an Artist, Songwriter, and Producer from Boston. Making Solo music, and apart of the band Lip Service. He also has a passion for making music for Tv,Film, and video. A recent graduate from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting! Now we shall switch into first-person narrative, and we will all feel a bit more comfortable, all right? good!

I am extreamly interested in sync music in Film, and Tv. I feel asthough my music has a place out there in more then just streaming services, but in your homes on your tv and in your netflix experience! 

I play rock n' roll but in my own little way. I jam to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Kinks, Harry Nillson and all sorts of goodness from the '60s. anything from nirvana, Leo sayer, big star, and Mac Demarco. I like the good stuff ya know? 

Poetry and random THOUGHTS

" I'd be listening thought to thought. Ready to give a yawn.

killin' my self esteem 

over things I know wrong."

"Shotgun filters and dirty tobacco

Soar feet for a lonesome rascal

wrapped up in a road that leads to disaster."

"I guess my life has been sold,

Every right turn I take there is nothig left."

"Rock 'n' Roll gives me clever conversation in my head.

Typical nonsense inside a complex."

"Calm muscles sink into position like a ship displacing water as it's lowered into the drink. end of the day,

end of the mundane,

for now,

I am at ease."

"I know what I stand for, and how I stand

on the side of the people,

and the Rock 'n' Roll band."